The Pittsburgh Pickles difference.

All of our products – from the four Pittsburgh Pickles flavors you know and love to new tastes like our Briney Mary and Picklexir – are all hand-forged from the freshest and finest ingredients.
Because we have plenty of food service experience, we know some awesome ways that they can add more flavor to your menu – without multiplying the cost.

Put our pickles to work for you.

Do you own or operate a specialty grocery store, restaurant or a business that can use the hand-forged, all natural and totally unique taste of Pittsburgh Pickles?
Good news. You can order any of our products through any of our partners below. Or you can contact us with the form below and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours.


We’re more than just pickles.

Our products are available for retail and food service.
We make two pickle-themed beverages. The first is an award-winning Bloody Mary mix made from the highest quality ingredients, known as Briney Mary. The second is our bottled pickle juice, Picklexir, which has an abundance of uses. Check out more information in our product’s drop-down menu.
We also co-pack some products on behalf of our favorite local companies and offer a variety of private labeling services. Reach out and ask how we might be able to help your business!
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We put the same hard work and use the same fresh market produce in all our products. Just click on one of the logos below to learn more about our uniquely delicious products. Want even more detail? Complete a contact request and ask for Evan, our Sales Manager.

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