Dear Pittsburgh Picklers,

You’ve helped us grow in ways we never imagined. It’s because of you that we are where we are today. In return, we want to share some things that have happened because of you, and our vision for the future.
Our 2018 holiday card stated two goals for us:

  1. Expand our retail footprint.
  2. Find more . ways to offer our products.

One of the biggest wins for us this year was beginning to retail in Giant Food Stores and Martin’s Markets, chains that span across the state of Pennsylvania and into some neighboring states. We just launched with them in October, so we’re still in the early stages. However, goal
number one – CHECK.

As for “finding more ways to offer our products,” we launched on Amazon this year! For those keeping score, goal number two – CHECK. Amazon had quite the learning curve, but we’re starting to find our rhythm. Every morning, we log the previous day’s sales, so we have a record of how we’re doing and where our products ship. It’s been a great year with Amazon as we’ve shipped a product to every state… except Wyoming. C’mon Wyoming!

Regardless, getting on Amazon has opened a new creative outlet for us. When we want to launch a new product, we know we can get it on Amazon immediately. Follow us on social media to stay up to date with new product launches, as well as some Amazon promotions we’ll begin running in 2020!

The highlight of our year was launching our newest product, Picklexir, with help from the Mayor of Picklesburgh, Joe George. Picklexir is our bottled pickle-juice, which has a ton of different uses including some health benefits. One of the less common uses, yet somehow most iconic, is for chugging in the annual Pickle-juice drinking competition held at Picklesburgh.

Joe is the Pittsburgh-native who chugged 32 oz of our pickle juice in just 4.5 seconds, earning him the title “Mayor of Picklesburgh” in 2018. Joe’s dominance in ‘18 made us confident no one would beat him in 2019, which led us to sponsor Joe in this year’s competition. If you followed us on social media over the summer, we hoped you enjoyed watching Joe challenge anyone willing to face him and hearing how he trains.

With how attached we were to this year’s competition, we decided to add in one more prize to compete for – The champion’s belt.

We had a ton of fun hyping up Joe, creating this belt and launching our newest product. Just as we anticipated, Joe swept the competition,  and retains the title of “Mayor of Picklesburgh” for another year. If you want to train like Joe, start early and practice often. Picklexir is available on Amazon and in many independent local markets in our region.

Other wins this year include additional co-packing work, bringing back the Big Dill with Caliente, and the purchase of a brand-new machine. As we mentioned last year, we love co-packing because we get to make beloved local products and it allows us to hire more Pittsburghers – something we LOVE! With the additions of Batch LLC and Fathom Hot Sauce this year, we were able to do just that. If you’re unfamiliar with their products, we highly recommend checking them out. #EATLOCAL

Obviously bringing back the Big Dill was a highlight for us too. We just love pickle pizza, don’t you? Check out “The Making of the Big Dill” on Caliente’s YouTube channel to see how it was made. We expect the Big Dill to return next year as well.

The last win of the year we want to touch on is our brand-new machine – an industrial pickle chip slicer that will decrease our production time dramatically. Don’t worry, we’ll still be packing jars by hand. However, we think the newest machine here needs a name, and for that, we need your help!

Take a look at this picture and let us know what you would name this machine using the hashtag #PPCNameGame – Our leading name is currently “Hersh.”

Goals for next year include finding more retail locations outside of PA, as well as getting more restaurants in Pittsburgh to use our pickles. We want to be Pittsburgh’s Pickle, the best all-natural pickle being used everywhere in the city! We can only achieve these goals with your help though. Let us know where you’re eating, and where you want our pickles. We’ll do what we can to make the connection. 

As you can see, it’s been a great year! Thank you to anyone who read this note in its entirety, and everyone who continues to support us. As a token of our gratitude, use promocode “PickleYear10” on Amazon for 10% off our products through January 10th.

We love what we do, and we’re excited to continue that in 2020. Happy Holidays, Pittsburgh Picklers!