PSP Label


A Pittsburgh Style Pickle

Pittsburgh Pickle Company proudly presents, Pittsburgh style pickles that just make sense.  Like the city itself, salty & sweet, made with pride, perfection and ultimately unique.  Perfectly pickled pickles done properly, by the Pittsburgh Pickle Co.

Dill-Mill Pickle

Pittsburgh Pickle Company subtly suggests, indulging a pickle that may be the best.  A working class hero, that pays the bills, packed with garlic and dill, to the hilt of its gills.  Take a bite on your way, as you head into work, a smile on your face is one of its perks.


Fire & Smoke Pickle

Pittsburgh Pickle Company proudly proclaims, Fire & Smoke pickles that dance with the flames.  Red pepper the fire, chipotle the smoke, black pepper the ash, taste buds they provoke.  A city built on the elements above, a pickle a Yinzer will certainly love.