Q. What are the health benefits of pickles?

A. Pickles are a great snack and very beneficial to your health. Pittsburgh Pickle Co. pickles have zero calories per spear. One pickle spear contains as much as 20% of your daily Vitamin K requirement, which is known to prevent blood clots after injuries. Pickles also contain sodium, fiber, potassium, and Vitamin C. The high sodium content helps the hydration process as it helps the body retain water for a longer period of time. Fun fact -  Julius Caesar fed pickles to his troops in the belief that they lent physical and spiritual strength.


Q. Have your products been tested and are you licensed?

A. Yes...and yes.  Our pickles underwent testing at the University of Nebraska, where they approved our process and recipe according to FDA regulations.  We are also FDA certified Acidified Food Processors....say that fast 5 times. ;)

Q. How do you make your pickles?

A. Two ways.  Our cold pack pickles are hand-packed with fresh spices, cukes, and brine; sealed in a tamper proof container, and then moved to refrigeration.  Cold pack pickles must be refrigerated...burrrr, cold!  Our jarred pickles are also hand-packed with fresh ingredients.  They undergo a hot fill and then are moved to a hot water bath.  This process removes any bacteria and creates a hermetic seal, allowing the pickles to stay fresh for many months on a shelf.